How tall is FrogFest guest Eric Paslay? Too tall for a ride at Darien Lake.

Paslay wanted to enjoy the amusement park before his show with Toby Keith Friday, July 15th. He tweeted a photo of him being turned away in line. "Ummm...That moment when Darien Lake tells you you're 1/2 inch too tall to ride because you're wearing cowboy boots!"

We're pretty sure Paslay was joking. The only ride he'd be too tall for would be the kiddie rides. Although we'd love to see him try and fit in one.

Paslay did take on The Mind Eraser, the "first roller coaster I've ridden in years."

Paslay will take on the FrogFest crowd Saturday, July 23rd at the Utica Rome Speedway. Save $10 and get your tickets at Price Chopper or at

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