You may think it's all champagne and roses for the country stars when it comes to Valentine's Day.  Some are great romantics and some are just so-so when it comes to the day of love.  Check out photos of country couples and their Valentine celebrations.  

Thomas Rhett is celebrating his first Valentine's Day as a married man.  He said "I Do", last October to his highschool sweetheart, Lauren.  According to Rhett she's a very understanding woman.

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Tim McGraw says his Valentine's Day effort depends on how lazy he's feeling, but he tries to make every day like a special day.

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Rascal Flatts is on the road tonight, but we know lead singer, Gary LeVox's thoughts will be about wife, Tara. He said the first time they met, he knew it was mean to be.

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Justin Moore admits to not being very good at Valentine's Day, although he keeps trying. He adds that wife, Kate always seems to outdo him when it comes to presents.

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