Everyone likes compliments. However men sometimes find it a challenge to come up with the right compliment, one that she will appreciate and not simply take as a cheap "pick up" line.  So in our never ending quest to assist "Malekind" in finding the right words to say we are putting forth this list of compliments and their relative effectiveness


Looking to score some easy points with your woman? The folks at Men's Health did a survey to find out what she likes to hear. Here are the results on what kind of compliments should get you on her good side:

A private compliment is best aimed at her:

Eyes -- 26 percent

Butt -- 25 percent

Breasts -- 18 percent

Legs -- 10 percent

Lips -- 7 percent

Hair -- 7 percent

Skin -- 7 percent

via Premiere News & Prep.

Hope this helps guys!