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Trisha Yearwood’s New Look – 30 Pounds Lighter
Trisha Yearwood is showing off her new look.  She's shed 30 pounds over the past four months by following her own weight-loss plan.  Like most of us trying to lose weight, she's tried every diet there is.  She tells People magazine, shes 'that girl who buys every magazi…
Is James Garner About to Die?
Is James Garner on his death bed?  He's been given a few weeks to live after a stroke, according to the National Enquirer.  It's hard to trust the source since the Enquirer is a trashy tabloid but they claim a source is saying 'James is fading fast. He's made it longer …
Taylor Swift & LeAnn Rimes Among Most Hated Celebrities
Taylor Swift and LeAnn Rimes are getting some recognition they may not like.  They're among celebrities on Star magazine's '20 Most Hated Celebrities' list.  Rimes has the number 12 spot, while Swift comes in at 18.  At least they didn't make the top 10.
Watch Lindsay Lohan Get a TSA Pat-Down [VIDEO]
LINDSAY LOHAN was flying from New York to Los Angeles and got pulled aside for a pat-down at the security checkpoint. And some jerk was filming her from the side, and making rude comments the whole time. They took their time with Lindsay, but they let her through.  Why can't the paparazzi …

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