Have you noticed it's been awhile since Carrie Underwood released new music? October of 2009 was the last time Carrie released a solo new song, "Mama's Song."  She did of course do the duet with Brad Paisley, "Remind Me," last September.  But officially that's a Brad Paisley song.  So to say Carrie was excited about having a new release would be an understatement.

it feels like it’s been forever, but I really had a blast writing the songs, making the music, takin’ my time

Carrie's new album will be out May 1st, (no name yet) and the first song from it "Good Girl" will be out at the end of the month, February 23 to be precise.  She even posted a YouTube video about it.

Carrie also offered a little more insight to ABC.

Carrie is set to perform live from the Superbowl with Steven Tyler as part of the CMT Crossroads series this Saturday night.  Earlier rumors reported that the song may get a debut but those have now been debunked.