What a concert Brad Paisley put on at SPAC.  He had everyone on their feet for his Virtual Reality Tour.  Well, everyone but this guy.  He was the only one in the 20,000 plus crowd sitting down.

Scotty McCreery opened the show.  He even joined Paisley later in the show for 'Celebrity,' a song he has a little knowledge of since his time on American Idol. The Band Perry followed, to get the crowd ready for Paisley.  This trio has come a long way since their show at MVCC.  They had the crowd on their feet with not only their hits, but Queen's 'Fat Bottom Girls.' Kimberly later joined Brad on stage for 'Whiskey Lullaby.'


Brad plays to everyone in the crowd and makes sure everyone gets their moneys worth.  He even went out  to play for the cheap seats.  He remembered days when he was on the lawn at his favorite concert.  The video is shaky and out of focus but you can see he's amongst his fans.

Paisley's song 'Ticks' has a whole new meaning after our Illinois vacation.  We were pulling ticks from everywhere after a day in the weeds, fishing.

What a concert.  Not only can Brad Paisley write and sing a song.  He plays the heck out of a guitar and puts on one heck of a show.

Brad Paisley Virtual Reality Tour Pictures

A number of country concerts are coming to the area this summer. Which are you most excited to see?