Summer is a time most families take vacation.  We usually head back to Illinois where Tadpole's family is from.  The weather was perfect, if not a little too hot.  We took the grand kids to the water park on the hottest day and the big kids to the golf course another day.

Water Park
At the water park I enjoyed time in the kiddie pool with the youngest granddaughter and time on the slides with Tadpole's sons.  One water slide, I don't remember what it was called, although I'm sure it had death in its name, was the undoing of me.   The Devil Ray that dropped off a huge cliff, didn't bother me.  The toilet bowl that shot you into a pool out of a bowl was a snap, but this blue ride was something else.  You're told to lie on your back with your ankles crossed, your heels down and your hands behind your head.  A quarter of the way into the blue tube you pick up speed.  You're going so fast by the end, you don't know which way is up, never mind remembering to keep your heels down.  However, down heels are the key component to this ride.  If your heels come off the tube, your butt  hits the water first, giving you a colonoscopy.  Its so painful, you'll only ride it once.   But, at least I didn't scream like a little girl on the way down like Bill's oldest son did.  Watch video of trip down the slide.

We also enjoyed time on the golf course with Bill's two sons. We played two man best ball with Bill and his oldest son Terry, winning by one stroke on the front nine.  Josh and I took the back nine by one stroke.  But it all came down to the last hole, over a huge pond.  Thankfully Josh, can hit the ball a mile. After I plunked my second shot into the water, he put his on the green for a one shot win.  See Tadpole's shot in the video and be sure to take a close look in the pictures in the gallery below.  You'll notice most holes were surrounded by corn fields.  It's golfing in Illinois at its finest.

Hopefully you'll get to enjoy time to relax this summer.  Whether its across the country or in your own back yard.