No one was safe at the CMA Awards as Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood opened the show by taking shots at Luke Bryan, Zac Brown, Blake Shelton and even the President.

The duo walked on stage feuding, since feuding seems to be 'all the rage' in country music. So before Brad and Carrie kicked off the show, they asked 'a very pressing question.' The two then broke into 'Why Can't We Be Friends,' singing 'Luke Bryan and Zac Brown, nobody cares. You both make great records and you're both millionaires.'  The song led to Luke and Zac hugging it out.  Awwww

Not only feuds ended in hugs since, 'Kayne hates Kimmel and the Jonas Brothers aren't getting along. Sinead hates Miley and Tom Petty hates us all. Why can't we be friends.'  Good question.

What would an opening monologue be without a 'Twerking' reference.  Brad thought he 'twerked' his back until Carrie informed him what twerking really was, 'haven't you been to a Luke Bryan concert.' 'I thought those were mini seizures' Brad replied.

Carrie offered to set Brad up with ObamaCare for help with his 'twerked' back. The online signup took so long they broke into 'ObamaCare by Morning. Why is this taking so long.'

Brad took a moment to thank Taylor Swift 'for never once humping a teddy bear or gyrating with Beetle Juice,' taking a shot a Miley Cyrus.  Carrie admitted 'If someone was going to be caught naked, licking a hammer, I think we'd all thought it'd be Blake Shelton.' True that!

Brad and Carrie wrapped up their hilarious opening monologue with 'Duck Blinds,' their version of 'Blurred Lines,' as the cast of Duck Dynasty took the stage to present the first award of the night.