April Fools Day is Monday, which gives you all weekend to think of the perfect prank. My favorite, is taking red Kool-Aid crystals and putting them in the shower head. The water will run red and probably make the victim of your prank SEE red too. I was searching the web for more pranks and here are some of the more creative ones I found.

Fake Audit

Print out this fake, but very real looking audit and mail to your victim.  Download the Fake Audit letter here Thanks to Jaime at PrudentBaby.com for the clever idea and free download.  There's also a fake parking ticket on the website, but it's for the City of California. Looks pretty real to me.


Unsolvable Word Scramble

If you have a puzzle lover in your love, give them this cute word scramble.  The problem is, none of the scrambles can be made into words.  I wonder how long it'll take before they figure it out. Print out your word scramble here.


Add Googly Eyes to Everything

.  It's just funny


Fake Diet Coke

Pour Sprite into an empty bottle of Diet Coke and add soy sauce until it looks the color of Diet Coke.  It'll even make the shhhh sound when it's opened by some poor soul.  Get the full directions here.


Wake up Call


Computer Clutz

Put this home made portable milk spill on your co-workers laptop and watch them lose their mind.  Find out how to make your spill here.


Have fun, but don't blame me if any pranks backfire!