When it first began in 1952 it was called "Secretaries Day" today it's referred to as "Administrative Professional's Day."  While we salute all those that "man the front desk," closer to home we honor or version of Rudyard Kipling's Gunga Din, Brianna Moyer.

Brianna not only keeps her head while the rest of us are losing ours, she manages to do it while answering endless phone calls, figuring out who's in, who's out, to take calls and what person we are dodging on the phone.   She also greets station visitors, co-ordinates our prize giveaways, puts together graphics and

presentations that are always needed for the meeting starting in 10 minutes that we knew about 2 weeks ago.   And she always does it with a smile.  Thanks for all you do Brianna, we'd be lost without you.

Hey by the way, could I get three copies of this on plain paper, fax it to me, then scan it so you can e-mail it to me twice because I didn't get it the first time.  Oh yeah, I think we're low on sugar and highlighters.