For Fox, it's American Idol. For NBC, it's The Voice. Now, it's ABC's turn with "Rising Star." Brad Paisley joins Ludacris, Kesha, and Josh Groban for the newest singing competition. This show is unlike anything you've ever experienced. While other shows have a "Results Show" and the voting doesn't begin til the end, this show is live from start to finish and YOU help judge!

This show is truly unique in the sense that you have to download an app to participate. Once the app is downloaded you wait for the performer to begin singing. When they do, you start swiping. Swipe one way for Yes and the other for No. Once you've voted your picture may pop up on the giant wall seperating the audience and judges and the performer. If the wall rises, the performer moves on.

Check out this latest trailer which explains the shows concept:

This show's concept seems pretty awesome and the four judges that have been selected certainly represent a wide variety of musical genres. This should be a good one and I am definitely excited to watch.

"Rising Star" premieres on June 22nd, 2014 at 9pm on ABC!