The "Frog Days of Fall" are moving rapidly, and it with them many notable events on the calendar. November is not exactly the most scenic month - most of the leaves are down from the trees (and on my front lawn); we usually get lots of rain, sometimes mixed with snow; and the ground hasn't frozen yet, so lots of mud!

But, things that might take our minds off that bleak November are:

1. End of Daylight Savings Time - Sunday morning, November 6th after 2am - we fall back and set the clocks back an hour, for an extra hour of sleep.

2. Election Day - Tuesday, November 8

3. Veterans' Day - Friday, November 11

4. Remembrance Day - Friday, November 11 (in Canada)

5. Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, November 24

6. Black Friday - Friday, November 25, maybe a day off for some, and the official start of the Christmas Shopping Season

7. Football, Football and more Football!

8. More Football