There is nothing wrong with buying jarred sauce at your local grocery store. Not everyone has the time it takes to make amazing sauces every day. When you buy a jar of sauce, try buying these 5 amazing Upstate New York brands.

1) Dominick's All Natural Sauce

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Dominick's Pasta Sauces are made in Slingerlands New York. Dominick's is hand packed and bottled in Albany. You can find it all over Central New York. You can order by phone by calling 518-479-9233.


2) Valente's Pasta Sauce

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Since 1958, if you've traveled down the thruway to Watervliet you've been able to enjoy Valente's pasta and amazing food at their family restaurant. Now you're able to enjoy their amazing sauce all over New York.


3) Uncle Steve's Marinara Sauce

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Steve Schirripa, best known for his role as Bobby Baccalieri on HBO's "The Sopranos" created Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties in 2014. One of their many sauces is the marinara sauce. The sauce is made from Italian whole peeled tomatoes, fresh onions, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt, basil, basil, and black pepper.


4) Joey's Famous Italian Pasta Sauce

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Joey's at 6594 Thompson Road in Syracuse is known for amazing food, and amazing sauces. Joey's has prepared three of their most popular sauces, Marinara, Cacciatore and Fra Diavolo to enjoy at home.


5) Enrico's

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Thanks to, the history of Enrico's sauce was laid out online.

Ventre (pronounced VEN-tray) was founded in 1938 on Midland Avenue in Syracuse by John Ventre Jr. in the basement of his family’s restaurant, Enrico’s, named after his grandfather. He started by selling pre-packed shrimp cocktails, which he prepared during the night and delivered the next morning to restaurants throughout Syracuse. Two years later, Ventre switched to selling spaghetti sauce. Enrico’s restaurant remained in business until 1986. The building was demolished in 1994."

Luckily you can still enjoy this sauce today.