Meet 13 year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar of Westchester New York.  She has a God given talent that you have to hear to believe.  She blew away the judges on 'The X-Factor' during her auditions in Providence Rhode Island and she'll blow you away too.

Sonenclar walked onto the stage with confidence rarely seen in a 13 year old.  Then took on one of the hardest songs for a seasoned veteran to sing, 'I'm Feelin' Good.'  Judge LA Reid even asked if she was sure that was the song she wanted to sing.

From the first few notes my mouth was open and stayed that way until well after she was done.  Little 13 year  old Carly Rae received a stand ovation, even from Simon Cowell  who said 'That's not you singing.'  LA Reid told Sonenclar 'You may be 13, but your soul is old. Remember this day. A star is born.'

Watch her X-Factor audition below and root on New York girl Carly Rose all the way to the finals and the five million dollar prize.  Find Carly Rose on Facebook and Twitter.