If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a radio station, here's your answer.  Davey Jones and Keith James wrote a song about Utica and had everyone in the station sang a line.  Chris Spiwak, put the song together and Phillip Creighton created the video.  The result; a hilarious version of the 12 Days of Christmas honoring Central New York.  The boar is my favorite part.  Watch and tell us yours.

Bet you can't guess which day I sang :)

Need the lyrics? I’m sure you want to sing this with all of your friends. Here’s what we have for the 12 days.

1) One Rainbow Young on Varick Street - Davey Jones

2) Two Utica Clubs - Gino Geruntino

3) Three Jelly Buns -Keith James

4) Four plates of Utica Greens - Phillip Creighton

5) Five Tomato Pies - Polly Wogg

6) Six Bowls Of Riggies - Ryan Frable

7) Seven Half Moons - Kristine Bellino

8) Eights months of winter - Chris Spiwak

9) Nine Turkey Joints - Lisa Corrigan

10) Ten Salt Potatoes - Mark Richards

11) Eleven “No Left Turn” signs - Kristy Clifford

12) Twelve Tony’s Pizzaerias - Keith James

Boar guest star - Eric Meier