Move over Bill Gates. Here comes another creative mind with an invention that will start out a man's day with some mighty inspiration while eliminating his perspiration. 11 year old Quinn Sheeran has come up with the ultimate gift to mankind, a stick of Old Spice deodorant that, when opened,  plays "The Theme From Rocky".

The techies at Gizmodo have the scoop.

 Inspired by the considerably more obnoxious musical greeting cards, Sheeran decided that Rocky's stairmaster soundtrack would be far more befitting of a stick of Old Spice than some weak birthday wish. So after disassembling the circuit from the card, our little engineer fastened a coil to the cap of the deodorant and reattached the card's electronics so that opening the container creates a closed circuit.

via Tween Engineer Invents Awesome, Rocky-Playing Deodorant.

Check out the video.

Okay, so it won't change the world but can you just imagine millions of men around the world lifting their arms triumphantly, shouting "Adrianne, Adrianne" while simultaneously applying Old Spice to their underarms.





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