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I was sitting listening to Big Frog 104 one day, and on the radio I hear Blake Shelton's 'Ol' Red.' As I was sitting there singing along, I wondered to myself, are there any other country songs about dogs? And, from there, I was on a quest to find the best country songs about dogs. *Update*--With the recent popularity of Billy Currington's 'Like My Dog,' I had to bring this story back from the archives and add it to my list.


Johnny Cash--'Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog'


Off of his legendary Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison album comes this song about a dog. Yes, although it is a bit morbid, it is a dog song nonetheless. This clip is Johnny singing on The Muppet Show.


Pirates of the Mississippi--'Feed Jake'

I remember listening to 'Feed Jake' as a kid and thinking how sad it was. Listening to this song as an adult, I still think it's one of the saddest songs, in general, and particularly sad for those who love their dogs. Get a tissue, 'cause it's a sad video. According to Wikipedia, 'Feed Jak'e was Pirates of the Mississippi's highest peaking single.

Dolly Parton--'Gypsy, Joe and Me'

Here's a song I didn't know existed until I furthered my quest for the best dog songs. It's another sad one. Off of Dolly's fourth studio album from 1969, 'Gypsy, Joe and Me' is about a woman, her dog, Gypsy, and her love for Joe.

Hank Williams--'Move it on Over'

It's the iconic country song about a man getting sent to the doghouse--it's 1947's 'Move it on Over.' A great song about a dog, a doghouse and a guy getting sent to the doghouse. "Move over little dog 'cause the big dog's movin' in." Another song you can sing along with.

Elvis Presley--'Hound Dog'

Another iconic song about a dog by Elvis Presley. His musical style, described as rockabilly, combined country, rock and blues to make this unforgettable 1956 classic.

Toby Keith--'Every Dog Has Its Day'

Now, let's fast forward over 50 years from Hank Williams and Elvis. Here's Toby Keith's 2009 hit, 'Every Dog Has Its Day.' It's a fun song to sing along to, especially when you get the point in the song where he lists off all the dogs. "Fat dog, skinny dog, little, itty, bitty dog, hot dog, kurd dog, weenie dog, bird dog, hound dog, cow dog, Bow wow wow dog, wonder dog, barkin' dog, chasin' parked car dog."

Billy Currington--'Like My Dog'

Here's a song about the unconditional love that dogs have for their humans. It's a recent tune from Blake Sheloton. *[Caution: On Big Frog 104 we play the edited version of this song. So, in this version, there are swear words. Listener discretion is advised.]

Blake Shelton--'Ol' Red'


Well, it all started with this song, as I mentioned above. I think 'Ol' Red' is the best country song about a dog. Why? It tells a great story that keeps you wondering what's going to happen to Ol' Red and the convict who escaped. And, it's a great song to sing along with. "Ol' Red's itchin' to have a little fun..." *Update*--Now, you may have already known this, but I just learned that 'Ol' Red' was originally recorded by George Jones and also recorded by Kenny Roger. Take a listen. Each are great in their own way. Here's the George Jones version. Here's the Kenny Rogers version.


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