The world's biggest and most popular video website, YouTube, is planning on developing a version of the existing website for paid subscribers. Like Pandora, they will offer an ad-free viewing experience and they will offer some exclusive content that people can pay for. The question is will the classic YouTube site still exist for free?

According to an article on the website re/code,

...industry sources say the site now intends to use at least some of the content it is bankrolling as a bonus for its premium subscription service, which will also include features like ad-free videos.

What this means is some of the bigger channels with high video views will most likely only be available for people who pay to see them. This could include some music videos from the Vevo channels. The article goes on to say,

YouTube will continue to operate a free, ad-supported version of the site, and has said that all of the videos that appear on the free site will be available on its paid version — which is why YouTube is insisting that all video makers who make money from YouTube ads need to participate in the subscription service as well.

The rollout of the new subscription service isn't expected to be launched until early 2016. Hopefully, your favorite content will still be available for free.

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