Kayla is 11-years-old and will soon be turning 12. Instead of having a big huge party for herself, she decided to invite others to celebrate in a different way. On Saturday, September 25th, 2016 Kayla is asking people to stop by the Lowville Walmart to make a donation to make life a little easier for others.

Amanda Gaba
Amanda Gaba

A flyer was distributed stating that she is seeking donations of bookbags, crayons, and other school supplies. She is working with a number of agencies to distribute the supplies to people who need them most, and the most important agency for her is CPS. This is a part of a series about 'Pay It Forward' projects, Kayla is involved with. If you're going to be near, or at the Lowville Walmart on Saturday (9/25), to drop off a donation, or get one while your shopping.

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