Upstate New York is home to the longest snow tubing runs and they are only an hour away from Utica.

Despite many thinking Hunter Mountain has the longest runs at 1000 feet, Maple Ridge Snow Park in Lowville, New York, actually has the longest snow tubing lanes in the state at over 1200 feet. There's even a 100-foot vertical drop.

You don't have to worry about walking back up that big hill either. They have tows to pull you up so you can sit back and enjoy the spectacular views of the Black River Valley and the Adirondacks.

Photo Credit - Maple Ridge Center
Photo Credit - Maple Ridge Center

Real Snow

Only real snow is used at Maple Ridge and Old Man Winter was late this year. The season didn't begin until late December and with unseasonably warm temperatures, it often was forced to close until more snow fell.

Credit - Maple Ridge Center via Facebook
Credit - Maple Ridge Center via Facebook

Attendance is Limited

Attendance on the hill is limited to 75 people and everyone gets their own snow tube. Double tubes are available for adults with small children.

Waiver forms must be signed when you arrive and online advanced reservations are suggested.

The snow park is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when there is enough snow.


Ages 16 and under: $17.00
Ages 17 and above: $20.00

Maple Ridge Center is located at 7421 East Road in Lowville, New York. Learn more at and reserve your spot on the hill.

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