We've all lost our keys a time or two, but you won't believe where Tad lost his and it was the second time in the same day.

The first lost key moment came outside the grocery store. As we were standing with a cart full of groceries, in the frigid temperatures, he says "I can't find the keys. We may have to walk home."

WE? He may have had to walk home while I waited in the nice warm grocery store. Luckily the keys were found and Tad was saved from a cold, humiliating walk home.

On a side note. Don't go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon before a snow storm. It's a ZOO!

The second time was when he took the trash to the curb. After getting a flashlight and looking everywhere, he finally dumped the trash can and found them.

Who loses keys in the trash?

Where was the strangest place you lost your keys?


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