Back in my day deer season was only 3 days long, twice a year.  If you saw a deer you better take it.  Now with the extended seasons, hunters are being more selective.  In the coming season, you may not have a choice if some proposed legislation gets approved. 

In an effort to increase the size of bucks in New York's deer population, the yearling buck protection program is being proposed by Senator Thomas O'Mara with 4 other senators co-sponsoring the bill.

The goal is to reduce the number of bucks taken under 2 years old, by placing a restriction on antler size.  For some regions this would mean one antler would have to be at least 3 points, while others would have a 4 point limit.  You can read specifics on the bill and follow it's progress on the NY Senate website.

Is this just more government regulation or a good idea?  Do you have the patience to wait for a bigger buck?



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