What do you do when you want to go snowmobiling but your truck breaks down? You improvise.

Freddy Muhlberger of Johnstown wanted to go sledding with his buddy Maverick Bowman after Christmas but the motor in his truck blew. "I jokingly told Maverick we were going to get it in my car."

The joke turned into reality when the guys decided to put the sled on the roof of a Ford Focus. "I backed my car up to the snowbank and drove the sled on with no problem. It worked a lot better than we thought it would."

Maverick Bowman
Photo Credit - Maverick Bowman

Heavy duty straps were used to tie it down before a test run. "I have a 1/2 mile driveway and drove it up and down a couple times to see if it would move, but it didn’t budge," says Muhlberger. "I started out doing 30-40 mph and stopped a ways down the road to check it again and it still hadn’t moved. I got to the Northway and did 55-60 all the way to Chilson, a 100 mile trip."

Paul Hollenbeck
Photo Credit - Paul Hollenbeck

Getting the sled on the car was a lot easier than getting it off. "We backed up to a snowbank and dragged it off the back," says Muhlberger. "The only problem was the ski got caught under the spoiler and we broke the spoiler off."

During Muhlberger's trip he noticed other drivers taking pictures and laughing. "I got a lot of thumbs up and people waving to me as they passed. I even passed a few cops and they didn't do anything."

The photos quickly gained attention on social media. "I didn’t think it would have gone viral. I just wanted to go riding," says Muhlberger.

Sledding is an obsession for some New Yorkers and many will do whatever it takes to get the snowmobile on the trails. Just look at these improvisations.


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