Polly and I are both right, Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas movie.

The other day Polly came into the studio for something and we got into the discussion of favorite Christmas movies and when I said I put Die Hard up there I expected a fight, because that tends to happen with this topic.

What I got was an emphatic "YES!" from Polly.

The thing is this isn't just our opinion, and despite what Bruce Willis said after his Comedy Central Roast last year it has been confirmed that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie by possibly the only person who can settle the debate...the film's screenwriter.

Steven E. de Souza wrote the screen play for Die Hard, and last year confirmed that Polly and I are right.

So there you have it straight from the horse's mouth as they say.

You can see more of de Souza's tweets confirming once and for all that Die Hard is a Christmas movie from IndieWire.com.


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