I'm really excited that FrogFest 32 is a go, and I get to be a part of it at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds Saturday, September 18.

FrogFest is the most popular event in all of Central New York, and it was just heartbreaking when we had to cancel it not once but twice last year. But anyway, that's in the past, and it's full speed ahead, making this year bigger and better than ever.

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Yes, FrogFest is about fabulous entertainment, but it's also about hanging with your friends and family and making some great memories. We bring in some really cool food and shopping vendors, and some fun activities too.

I can't wait to experience live entertainment with you, especially the modern Country music with the Eli Young Band. Here are some of m favorite tunes.

Love Ain’t:

Even if you're NOT country, this song will move you. I love how they support the Wounded Warrior Program.

Drunk Last Night:

I think everyone can relate to this tune. You drink too much, and you might find yourself drunk texting, dialing, shopping, even making plans that you don't remember.

Even If It Breaks Your Heart:

This one hits home because I know what I'm capable of, and failure is not an option. I ALWAYS knew I would be in the radio business. If you've never heard this song or watch the video, give it a go. It might become your personal theme song.

Crazy Girl:

Those who fave fallen in love can see the truth in this song.

One of the perks for having the Big Frog 104 mobile app is early access FrogFest tickets at a discount. Nope, we don't offer that to anyone else. So, So if you don't have it, grab it here and start being rewarded for being a Big Frog lister.

What is your favorite part of FrogFest? Please let me know in the comments or shoot me a text via the App.

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