You've heard of Veteran's Day and Memorial Day, but there's another holiday that occurs every third Saturday in December that isn't as front-of-mind yet, but just as important or remembering our deceased veterans. It's called Wreaths Across America Day.

photo: Kevin Hoehn

A businessman who had visited Arlington National Cemetary as a boy and later became a wreath maker, had a surplus of wreaths back in the early nineties and decided to honor the memory of our vets by placing them on their headstones. Now, a quarter-century later, this practice has expanded to over twelve hundred cemetaries all across the nation including St. Peter's Cemetary in Rome.

photo: Kevin Hoehn

This past Saturday, Rome residents gathered at this cemetary at precisely noon just like the rest of the U.S. and in our part of the nation despite heavy snowflakes. Like you might expect, someone sang the Star Spangled Banner, an area music teacher played Taps on his trumpet, our Congressional Representative Claudia Tenney shared some thoughts and the Rome Civil Air Patrol cadet squad provided honor gaurd. Scenes like this happen every year in CNY on every third Saturday in December.

This remembrance isn't possible without your support and if you'd like to get involved come next Christmas season, click here for more details.