The long abandoned Saratoga County Homestead in Providence is up for sale. Would you own this creepy dark building?

The Daily Gazette reports that the massive crumbling tuberculosis sanitarium on a remote hillside off Barkersville Road is up for sale. It has been abandoned for decades, and has already undergone an extensive federal-supervised asbestos cleanup. You can view all the photos online.

The auction, conducted by Auctions International, will last through noon on Wednesday, Aug. 28. As of Tuesday, the highest bid submitted was just over $30,000.

The property includes a massive two-story, 47,000-square-foot building that resembles a historic hospital and some out buildings on 28.61 acres, according to the auction listing."

The infirmary opened in 1913 as a county-operated tuberculosis sanitarium. The development of antibiotics eventually eliminated the need for sanitariums so from 1960 to 1979 the facility was Saratoga County's home for the aged and infirm who had nowhere else to go.

Saratoga County Homestead

Would you buy this creepy building?

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