We are in full swing of Boilermaker training season. What are some Central New York foods you should avoid eating as a runner?

1) Halfmoons

Running experts don't want you to enjoy Central New York's prized desert item? Cookies and candy will never be healthy, but learning to enjoy them in moderation is key. Run Ragnar suggest that you choose a healthier snack with more nutrient-dense carbohydrates and a good amount of protein.


2) Turkey Joints

Just like Halfmoons, Turkey Joints may not be the best idea for Boilermaker runners. However, moderation is the most important thing here. We wouldn't advise you eating them while running.


3) Utica Club

The entire Boilermaker road race is designed to end at a brewery, so beer isn't good? Over doing it with alcohol can cause slowed reaction times, dehydration and decreased performance. Beer is a better alternative to hard alcohol because of its water content.


4) Tomato Pie

Experts say that Tomato Pie, and similar foods with a tomato sauce have high-fructose corn syrup involed. You can find HFCS in many baked goods, sodas and even salad dressing. The next time you have a sugar craving, grab a piece of fruit!


5) Enjoy

Honestly, after a run, I'm not here to ruin a good time. Enjoy any foods you'd like in moderation.

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