There's a job opening for a Director of Operations. The requirements are unlimited hours, no breaks or vacation, no healthcare and no pay. Who would want a job like that? Millions around the world. The job is being a mom.

A video on the importance of being a mother shows people who actually applied for the job, not knowing it was a way to say Happy Mother's Day. They weren't happy with the requirements, but who would be? One woman even asked 'is that legal?' When they learned the job was being a mom, they were amused and more appreciative of their own mothers.

Unless you're a mom, you don't realize how hard they work 24/7, 365. This actually made me tear up and appreciate my mother even more. Thanks mom for all you do.

Ironically, the video was created by a woman who has never had kids. The idea came to her after visiting her sister-in-law, and seeing how little free time she had, according to ABC News.

Don't forget your mom this Mother's Day, May 11th. Whether it's flowers or just a card, do something that lets her know you appreciate her. You can call us at 736-0104 or 800-839-1043 and leave a message for mom. We'll feature them all this Friday.