The World's Largest Rubber Duck is waddling her way into New York this summer.

The huge inflatable is affectionately called Mama Duck. She's over 60 feet high and weighs in at 11 tons. That's one big duck!

Mama made her debut in Los Angeles in 2014. She even swan into Onondaga Lake in 2016 for the annual Lake Fest.

World's Largest Rubber Duck on Onondaga Lake
Credit - World's Largest Rubber Duck/Facebook

Be Kind

Mark Burrows is the man behind the World's Largest Rubber Duck. He created Mama Duck to remind the world to be kind, to each other and the planet.

"Mama Duck's mission is to spread happiness and love wherever she goes, with a gentle reminder to enjoy our outdoor spaces wisely, preserving them for generations to come."

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World's Largest Rubber Duck coming to New York
Credit - World's Largest Rubber Duck/Facebook

Mama in the Hudson Valley

The massive rubber duck has appeared at festivals all over the country, and this summer she'll make an appearance in the Hudson Valley.

You can catch Mama Duck at Playland in Rye, New York from August 16–18.

Balloon Duck in Central New York

This isn't the first time New Yorkers will be spotting a duck waddling around the neighborhood.

A giant balloon duck was part of a balloon scavenger hunt held in Mayfield, New York on Father's Day in 2022. Ducky was seen all over town, along with several other impressive balloon displays.

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