Shocking video shows the importance of slowing down in work zones on the highway. A worker on the New York State Thruway missed a scary crash by mere seconds.

A worker in Albany had returned to his vehicle 20 seconds before a car came crashing through the barricades, at a high rate of speed.

"If this work zone intrusion happened minutes before, this post would be about remembering this dedicated crew," the NYS Thruway Authority tweeted.

Luckily the only thing injured was a maintenance vehicle.

Highway workers experience close calls on a daily basis. Already this year, the Thruway Authority says there have been several work zone intrusions, "Highway workers are real people with families. Protect them and yourselves. Give them your full attention in a work zone."

Thruway Toll Booths Coming Down

Syracuse is among six toll booths across the state that will be removed,. All are expected to be gone, by the end of the summer.

The second wave of removal and road reconstruction is underway at the following interchanges:

Exit B2 (Berkshire Spur - Taconic Pkwy)
Exit 23 (Albany - I-787)
Exit 25A (Rotterdam -- I-88)
Exit 34A (Syracuse - I-481)
Exit 47 (LeRoy - I-490)
Exit 48 (Batavia)

If you're travelling on the Thruway around any of the 6 toll areas, you can expect traffic shifts and increased construction. You're asked to use caution while driving in these areas. Speeds will be reduced to 20 MPH until the toll booths are completely removed and interchanges reconfigured.

When completed, 52 toll plazas, approximately 230 individual toll booths, will be no more creating open-road tolling by the end of summer 2021.

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