For the first time in a half-century, the Utica-area is about to have a local CBS TV affiliate.

Heartland Media, the parent company of WKTV News Channel 2, the local NBC affiliate, will be taking over the CBS affiliation in late November (from WTVH-5 out of Syracuse). Steve McMurray, vice president and general manager of WKTV, discusses what viewers can expect when the change happens in late November.

What it means:

  • If you live in Utica and only have a digital, over the air antenna, you'll be getting another channel - CBS Utica, virtually the same programming local customers get on cable or satellite, along with local content. In most cases in Utica, the WTVH-5 over the air signal out of Syracuse isn't strong enough to be picked up by your antenna. That will change and the signal will now be local.
  • Weather alerts, news updates, etc. on CBS will come from the Utica-area
  • Utica-area customers will no longer get the WTVH-5 newscasts that currently air throughout the day, and the local news blocks will be simulcasts of WKTV's local news. (listen to audio below).
  • Will your favorite national CBS programs be going away? No.
  • Important note: This will not affect subscription customers in Rome, who will still be WTVH affiliates as they are considered part of the Syracuse TV market.

Also, McMurray explained a minor adjustment for the digital sub-channels. Currently WTKV is 2.1, CW 11 is 2.2 and ME-TV is 2.3. WKTV will stay 2.1, while CBS will take 2.2, CW moves to 2.3 and ME-TV will go to 2.4.

WIBX 950's Jeff Monaski talks with Steve McMurray about the CBS affiliation in Utica:

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