It's all about timing. And when it comes to child birth, the timing is up to the baby. Just ask a New York couple forced to give birth in a pickup truck, on the way to the hospital.

Marty and Ember Hughes were getting ready to have their fifth child. The time for that  child to start her journey into the world was early Saturday morning, February 20th.

The Hughes, who live in Tupper Lake, started the hour trip to the hospital. But the closer they got to Alice Hyde Medical Center, the worse roads got because of a winter storm. Over 20 minutes from the hospital Ember's water broke. That's when she knew they weren't going to make it. The time was now. "Say goodbye to your truck," Ember joked.

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Before Marty could stop the truck, the baby's head popped out. Ember tells NBC 5, her belly was too big to get her arms around and catch her. That's when Marty pulled over, reached over the console and caught the baby just in time.

Arkynn Hughes is doing well and her four siblings, three sisters and one brother, are surrounding her with lots of love.

Ember says, five is enough. The time has come to stop having children. "We went out with a bang, we're good, and there's no way to outdo this birth."

Watch the amazing story on NBC 5.

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