Utica Coffee wants you to wake the hell up and keep your 2020 resolutions. The company just unveiled their new Wake the Hell Up! 2020 Challenge, which calls for people to dig deep and share their resolutions for a chance at a year's supply of free coffee.

Contenders will need to follow Utica Coffee on Facebook and Instagram and post a video of themselves to these pages, describing their 2020 resolution. A board of judges at Utica Coffee will pick the top ten, and then the final vote will be left up to the general public to decide who takes home the big prize.


Mark Needham is the Director of Media and Marketing at Utica Coffee and he told WKTV that they've already received a bunch of cool submissions.

"One person wants to run a thousand miles, so that’s 3 miles a day," Needham told WKTV. "Another person wants to read 12 books, so a book a month. Still, others are doing meditation, stuff like that."

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Utica Coffee is looking for high-impact goals that will benefit individuals and their community, great stories and high-quality photos and videos so they can share them with their customers.

And while the year's supply of free coffee is the big prize at stake, the second and third-place contenders will also receive a prize. The person in second place will get a $30 gift card to use online or in-store at Utica Coffee, and the person in third place will get a 10-ounce bag of their choice.

If you think you have what it takes, you can sign up now for the Wake the Hell Up! 2020 Challenge now through the end of February.

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