It's cookie season now through April 23 in the GSNYPENN Council area. If you haven't gotten your $5 per box cookie order in yet, we have an offer for you!

The Girl Scouts routinely add new flavors and styles of cookies each season, this year the new flavor is Raspberry Rally. They are calling this cookie the 'sister' to Thin Mints- infused with raspberry flavor and dipped chocolate.  Wow, that sounds delish!

Something else new this season is the availability of online ordering/direct shipping for this cookie only.  Direct shipping began on Monday, Feb 27. This feature enhances the girls' e-commerce sales and business skills to help guide the Cookie Program into the digital era.

If you don't have a Girl Scout in your life, use our online Cookie Finder to search for local troop ordering links starting TODAY to get your Raspberry Rally ordered for the direct shipment because You WON’T see Raspberry Rally out at community cookie booths in April!

You MUST order online!! The Cookie Finder and all GSNYPENN cookie season info are on the council’s website at

The Girl Scouts NYPENN is giving you the chance to win $250 worth of Girl Scout cookies, products, and more thanks to GSNYPENN.

Being a Girl Scout gives local kids an opportunity to learn the business and entrepreneurial skills through goal setting, decision-making, business ethics, and money management.

Enter the form here to be in the running to win the awesome gift basket of all things Girl Scouts- what a sweat-treat! Good luck!

Here's the full list of everything in the gift basket:

Girl Scout Cookies Individual packages - 20 $100.00 value

Raspberry Rally - 3

Thin Mints - 3

Adventurefuls - 2

Trefoils - 2

GS S'mores - 2

Lemon-Ups - 2

Tagalongs - 2

Samoas - 2

Do-si-dos - 2

Girl Scouts Fall Product Sale Treats Individual packages - 7 $50.00 value

Whole Cashews - 1

Honey Roasted Peanuts - 1

Chocolate Covered Raisins - 1

Mint Treasures - 1

Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels - 1

Peanut Butter Trail Mix - 1

Fruit Slices - 1

Girl Scouts Store Swag Individual items - 4 $50.00 value

Blue Girl Strong Tumbler - 1

Pink Girl Scout Visor - 1

Green Adventure Journal - 1

Navy Trefoil Blanket – 1

Green Girl Scout Carabiner Key Chain – 1

GirlCratery Swag Individual items - 23 $50.00

value Road Trip Crate - 1

Body Frosting - 1

Cookie Micro Puzzle - 1

Pink Sleep Mask- 1

Rainbow Clicker Pen - 1

Gratitude Journal - 1

Cookie Notepad - 1

Cookie Recipes - 1

Loose Stickers - 15

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