Will Central New Yorker's Wear Shorts and Play Golf at Christmas this Year?  Remember the holidays of 2015 when we did just that? Some forecasters say another El Nino could be on the way this year.

Central New York has already experienced one of the warmest summers in years. Since the end of June, we've had at least 5 Heat Advisories. And if you spend any time on Facebook you've seen the posts from many people fondly recalling the cooler, snowy days of winter.

The folks at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center are saying conditions are favorable for warm tropical air to be headed for the northern part of the U.S.

chance for El Niño increasing to about 65% during fall, and to about 70% during winter 2018-19

Even if we don't get the 60 and 70-degree readings we saw in 2015, it would probably be warm and dry enough to severely impact snow and the economy that goes with it in Central and Upstate New York. Of course, weather conditions often change especially when trying to forecast weeks and months in advance.

NOAA updates the El Nino forecast on a weekly basis and offers expert analysis at their website. Here is their current analysis. We don't forecast that far out, but you can the latest 5-day forecast anytime on our weather page.


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