It's rare to hear positive national news hit so close to home. The much talked about new trade agreement with the U.S., Canada, and Mexico could bring some relief to Central New York Dairy Farmers. But how much will it help?

Several publications are reporting the agreement opens more of the Canadian dairy market to imports from the U.S., especially New York and Wisconsin. An article in the Democrat and Chronicle says the deal will allow dairy farmers to export about $560 million in milk, cheese, and butter into Canada. It also puts a tariff on Canadian exports of skim milk products and infant formula.

While any help is welcomed in the Dairy Industry, some say the trade deal will definitely not be a windfall. It won't do anything to improve declining milk prices and until those improve, dairy will still be on a tight budget. The new agreement has to be passed by Congress before it goes into effect. Read more about the trade agreement and its effect on New York farmers at the Democrat and Chronicle's website.


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