Hunters wait all year for deer season to begin. Many like to mount their trophy after it's shot. But finding a good taxidermist can be difficult.

One taxidermy business owner has been busted in New York for defrauding customers and not disposing of animal parts properly.

The owner in Schenectady County pleaded guilty and paid a penalty for committing several Environmental Conservation Law violations.

Environmental Conservation Officers assisted the Glenville Police Department with the execution of a search warrant on property located off Scotch Bush Road in Glenville where the property owner operates a taxidermy business.

Officers observed and documented violations including the improper disposal of animal parts susceptible to Chronic Wasting Disease, failure to keep taxidermy records as required, and failure to report game harvest as required.

In addition to accepting the guilty plea, the defendant paid a $525 fine imposed by the judge.

The taxidermy business owner and their attorney are cooperating with Glenville Police regarding multiple charges of petit larceny and an alleged scheme to defraud taxidermy customers.

Taxidermy Rules

All taxidermists are required to dispose of the carcass or carcass parts of Chronic Waste Disease susceptible animals by incineration or in an authorized landfill.

The animal may not come in contact with any taxidermy materials to avoid the spread of the disease.

Logs also must be kept with detailed information on where the animal was shot and who brought it in for mounting.

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