The lack of rain in June has most of New York under a Fire Danger Warning. And a recent back-country wildfire at Herkimer County's Panther Mountain shows why firefighters are so concerned.

The DEC and Old Forge Fire Departments had their hands full with a one-acre smoldering wildfire in the cliffs and rocks at the Panther Mountain overlook. Located more than half-mile from a private road just getting to fire was a huge task. Volunteer firefighters and Rangers were able to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading. But it would take another three days to control.

Rangers used a State Police Aviation helicopter to use water bucket drops. Then created a hose pumping operation traveling the half-mile length from the road and climbing 600 vertical feet in elevation. Using hand hand tools and continually dousing the area with water to get it controlled.

Panther Mountain Wildfire 1

Smoke rises from Panther Mountain after wildfire outbreak

Panther Mountain Wildfire 2

Forest Ranger douse wildfire hot spots on Panther Mountain

Panther Mountain Wildfire 3

Forest Rangers monitor wildfire on Panther Mountain

Firefighters are still monitoring hot spots at the overlook. On their Facebook page, The Old Forge Fire Department thanked several Emergency Service Personnel and businesses for assisting in quickly getting the fire under control.

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