A lot of people pop their windshield wiper blades up away from their windshield. Usually, you see it during the overnight, when people are asleep, so they won't have icy windshield wiper blades when they leave for work.

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But did you know you shouldn't do that?

According to Dan Fisher, the assistant Buffalo fleet manager of AAA, popping up your wiper blades is a mistake.

"Windshield wipers are on springs, and leaving the blades up like that can stretch the springs over time, so they end up applying less pressure on the windshield, making them less effective."

Other tips for battling the cold weather?

  • Not idling your car every day in the winter -- as that can cut short the lifespan of your car battery.
  • You also shouldn't pour hot water on your frozen locks, as that will just create a new layer of ice.