Pumpkin and pecan pie may be the main choice during the holidays, but lets not forget apple and the cheese.

Finishing off your Thanksgiving meal with a slice of pumpkin pie and a dollop of whip cream is a yearly tradition. Some choose pecan but not many have apple pie and those that do don't top it correctly.

Forget the whip cream. There's no need for ice cream either. Cheddar cheese is a must have with a slice of warmed apple pie. I don't know where the tradition came from but it's one I carry on. It could be a Canadian thing or even English since my father was born in England. But as they say, 'apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.'

Before you turn up your nose at the thought of pie and cheese, hear me out.  You've heard of wine and cheese. It's usually served with grapes and a variety of different cheeses. How is serving it with apple pie any different?

The combination of sweet, tart and salty is an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Instead of plain pumpkin this year, give cheese with your pie at try. The next time you may say 'pie with a slice of cheese, I'll take 2 slices please.'


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