Have you noticed while typing something you're trying to search into Google, Google will try and predict what you want to say? Those predictions are based on popular searches of those similar terms. What happens when you type "Why is Utica..." into Google? Here's the top results.


1) Why is Utica Heights bakery closed?

You may be wondering, where was this bakery anyways? Well, it was located Utica Michigan. It appears that the bakery has been closed for some time now, and fans are curious why. It appears it has been closed for some time now.


2) Why is Utica called the handshake city?

Have you ever wondered why the city of Utica has this nickname? You're not alone. There are plenty of other nicknames as well including “Utica, a Renaissance City”, and “The City of Possibilities”. There isn't much facts surrounding the handshake city. Our guess, Utica was trying to show how friendly it could be, instead of how it was seen by others:

By the 1950s, Utica was known as "Sin City" because of the extent of its corruption at the hands of the Democratic Party political machine.Until the 1980s, organized crime had a strong role in the city."

With all that corruption, you need a positive image. What's more positive than a handshake?


3) Why is it called Utica shale?

The Utica Shale is a "stratigraphical unit of Middle Ordovician age in the Appalachian Basin". In regular speak that means: Utica shale is a rock that was formed during the Ordovician period between 485.4 and 443.8 million years ago. The rock takes the name from the city of Utica as it was first described along the Starch Factory Creek east of the city by Ebenezer Emmons in 1842.



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