It took some investigative effort from the Department of Environmental Conservation to figure out why the water in Little Black Creek and Kayuta Lake were becoming muddy. Sometimes when you think someone is up to no good, it turns out to be Mother Nature and her tricks

DEC Officer, John Gates received some information about Little Black Creek in the town of Remsen becoming heavily discolored. Usually, it's an indication someone, somewhere may be digging in the creek. Arriving at the scene the officer found the creek heavily loaded with sediment.

Walking more than two miles of the creek bed still didn't provide an answer. So the New York State Police Aviation unit was brought in to fly over the north, south, and middle branches of the creek, still no direct source of the sediment.

In the end, it turns out mother nature's wet spring had created mudslides and the always pesky beavers had created some failed dams in the creek. With the creek feeding into Kayuta Lake the sediment was carried into that body of water too.

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