Is it me or are fall's brightly colored leaves running late for the show? A plant expert at Cornell University says it's not me and 2018 may not be a banner year for the reds, yellows, and oranges usually associated with late September and October. Here's why.

According to Taryn Bauerle, associate professor of plant science fall foliage is not only behind schedule, but when it does arrive it will be less vibrant. The Professor blames the warm, wet end of summer.

Temperature and moisture are the major drivers of the fall foliage display. As with most principles, a lot of anything isn’t good. Too little water and warm temperatures increase the chances of early leaf fall and hence poor fall colors. Too much water and warm temperatures increase the likelihood of diseases.

The I Love NY predictions for fall colors say Central New York's peak is usually the 1st two weeks in October, so it's a bit early. But the Adirondack predictions are for the last two weeks of September and the 1st week of October. Checking live-cams in the Inlet/Old Forage area show very little change.

Does it seem like we should be seeing some fall colors by now? Or have you seen some changes? Share any pics below or on our Facebook page.


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