Wisdom comes with age and experience.  So with 3 or 4 years experience under our belt at Hospice and Palliative Care's Epicurean Delight, Polly and I know some secrets.  Eat a light breakfast more along the brunch idea around 11 because you're going to be sampling foods as diverse as the Central New York population.  Save the desserts for last.  Watch others around you for what makes them ooh and aah.  Never go back for seconds until you have tried everything. And from octopus to decadent desserts and pastries, we tried it all from 26 of the area's best restaurants. The hardest part of the evening and the one we have never agreed on, is voting for the honor of "Peoples Choice Award."  Is it the baklava, tabouli or the CNY staple chicken riggies?  But wait, there's the crab cakes, beef stew and don't forget the bread pudding.  Here's how the final voting went:

  1. The Savoy Restaurant
  2. Delta Lake Inn
  3. Across the Row Bistro

One thing we do agree on, Epicurean Delight is one of the best fundraising events of the year.  And it benefits one of the best causes in CNY, Hospice and Palliative Care.  As we always say, it's one service you hope you never need, but one you will be so thankful for if you need their assistance.  Congrats to all the restaurants who donate their time, product and efforts and to the fine people who support the program every year.



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