Looking to buy farm raised turkey's across Central New York? You still have time to before Thanksgiving.

Granted, these are listed on CraigsList, but hey that doesn't mean you can't look at these options.

1) Farm Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys Only $3.50/lb From Mohawk

Taking orders now for farm raised Thanksgiving turkeys! Raised in a pasture on NON-GMO feeds! NO hormones, NO antibiotics, ALL NATURAL! Take comfort in knowing you're feeding your family only the best, healthiest turkey this year! Only $3.50/lb! Call Lester to order in time for Thanksgiving! (PLEASE SAY LOLLY SENT YOU!)"

You can find the post here.


2) Pasture Raised Turkey- Ten Hens Farm

These turkey's come from Ten Hens Farm located in Floyd.

All of our poultry are raised on pasture. Fresh air, sunshine, and clean grass are the ingredients for happy and tasty poultry. We feed our poultry only locally sourced, non-GMO feed.

Raising our poultry on grass allows them to stay healthy without the need for any antibiotics or growth hormones. As well as being delicious, pastured chickens and turkeys are higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally raised poultry.

Plump, succulent chicken - ideal for roasting, rotisserie, or countless other preparations.
Whole - $3.75/lb
Cut-up - $4.00/lb

White Turkey
Think Thanksgiving turkey, but so much tastier. Tender white meat. Perfect for the holidays, or any other time of the year.

Heritage Turkey
These take 30 weeks to mature. This leads to deep, rich flavor that defines heritage turkey. You will taste the difference.

You can find the post here.



We'd love to add to this list. Do you know any farms or groups selling these style turkey's? Let us know on the comments below.



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