If you're going out Black Friday shopping, you're probably going to get some great deals. But, are you keeping in mind all the germs that you encounter at the mall? While you're standing in line with all the great Black Friday deals pilled up in your cart, you might want to grab a travel-size container of hand sanitizer. Why? Well, if you're getting those deals at the mall, there are eight very germy places you should know about.

Blisstree.com is out with its list of the "8 Germiest Places At The Mall." And, topping their list is a restroom sink. You may be thinking to yourself, "But sinks are a place where you clean your hands." Well, think about when people wash their hands. Your dirty hands touch the faucet right before you put your hands under water. So, the faucet is harboring bacteria. Also, according to Blisstree, the sinks are always wet, which is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria.

So, the bathroom sink is the number one germiest place at the mall. Coming in at number two, according to Blisstree, are the food court tables, followed by escalator handrails, ATM keypads, toy stores, fitting rooms, gadget shops and makeup samples.

To read the whole Blisstree.com story and see why the places listed above are so germy, click here.

It's stories like this that make a germaphobe like myself even more paranoid. As it is now, I carry a travel-sized hand sanitizer bottle in the pockets of all the coats I wear. Now, I feel like if I go to the mall, I need a hazmat suit.

How do you protect yourself against germs?