The Department of Environmental Conservation is out with stats on 2017 deer season in New York. Overall numbers were down statewide, especially when it came to does. The number of Bucks remained about the same, but the big news was the age of the bucks harvested.

More than 53% of the bucks were 2 -1/2 years old or older, a state record.  And an indication that the DEC's program, Let Young Bucks Go and Watch Them Grow is working. Here are where the most deer were taken around CNY.

County   Total Deer Taken     Town With Most Taken
Oneida       4,116                      Verona
Herkimer    2,917                      German Flatts
Madison     4,712                      Brookfield
Onondaga  3,739                      Lysander
Oswego      4,174                      Richland
Lewis          2,698                      Denmark

You can get a breakdown of every county in New York and the harvest in each town at the DEC's website. It also breaks down the buck versus doe harvest.


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