In the words of Brad Paisley, it's time to check for ticks. They are on the rise and experts predict the tick problem will be the highest in years.

The wet winter New York saw 2 years ago is to blame for the increase in ticks this Summer.

Ticks can spread disease. But not all ticks cause disease and not all bites will make you sick. Lyme disease is the most common spread by ticks in New York. To protect yourself the New York Health Department suggests wearing light clothing to spot ticks easily. Use bug spray. Stick to the open trails when in the woods. Avoid dense areas and don't sit on the ground. When you get home, shower within two hours. And don't forget to check yourself for ticks.

What are you looking for? Here's what the most common ticks in New York look like.

New York Health Department

If find a tick, what do you do? Remove it properly. Grab it near the mouth as close to the skin as possible with tweezers. Pull up and away from the skin. Do NOT use kerosene, matches or Vaseline to remove it. Wash with soap and water. If you see a rash or get sick, call your doctor.

The blacklegged tick, known as the deer tick, carry Lyme disease and is the most common found in New York. The map shows the number of cases reported since 2015.

Lyme disease reports cine 2015 - CDC

The bigger fear is the Powassan virus that can also be found in the deer ticks. In some cases it can be fatal since there is no treatment. The disease attacks the nervous system, causing swelling in the brain. It kills about 10% of people.


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