What's with all the painted rocks being spread around Rome? Have you seen them?

A group is leaving the painted rocks around the area to put a smile on people's faces. "It started from the need to see good news instead of all the negativity," says Margaret Sexton, who created Rome Rocks on Facebook. "It gets people off the couch and out walking, creating and seeing what is happening in the world besides having their noses in social media."

Want to take part? Sexton says it's easy. "Just go for a walk. Pick up a rock. Brush it off and paint it. Then hide it in open view."

Put a friendly face or inspirational message on the rock, then leave it for someone else to find. There are certain places you cannot hide rocks because they could cause problems for lawnmowers or potentially pose other hazards. And of course no offensive or adult material should ever be used on rocks, a child might find it. No rocks or art is to be left in stores or place of business with or without permission.

Rome Rocks is among 500 rock painting groups around the country. The largest is in North East Ohio.

The first few rocks have already been found and there are over 30 that have been left for you to find around Rome. You can post your rock photos, found or hidden at Rome Rocks on Facebook.

Robin found one on the Mohawk trail. "Don't know who painted it but was a nice thing to find on my walk."


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